Eco-Friendly African Safari Adventures

Jemu Mwenda Expeditions is for travellers who share our passion for the environment and seek a more intimate connection with life on our planet.

Feel the Wildlife!

Looking for conservation minded African adventure travel? Do you love wildlife and want to explore its interior with a local guide who loves animals?


Experience the real side of Africa with Jemu Mwenda Expeditions. Discover the idyllic beauty of East Africa through safaris created for the bold traveler with a different approach than a typical grassland safari. Discover the heart of Kenya Off the beaten track by touring rustic routes while creating memories in our breathtaking landscapes.

JM Expeditions create excursions for travelers who share our passion for the environment and who seek a more intimate connection with life on our planet. We create distinctive and extraordinary experiences perfect for families, friends, couples, corporate teams, photographers, and filmmakers. From the quintessential classic safari to conservation-focused journeys, JM Expeditions hosts travel with a purpose while creating lasting memories of connecting with wildlife while supporting conservation initiatives.

Best Private African Safari Tour

Encounter a new type of Safari like no other you’ve seen with JM Expeditions. Our bespoke safari service fosters tailor-made itineraries to fit your adventurous nature and exceed your wildest expectations! Contact us today to learn how you can get in touch with your wild side of indigenous Kenya.

African Safari Accommodations and Bush Lodges in Kenya

Unlike other tour companies, JM Expeditions is a philanthropic-based tour company with our first priority to take care of our Earth’s precious endangered species. We believe in socially and environmentally responsible accommodations and partnering and supporting local communities as well as local businesses.

Encounter conservancy stays where you can get up close and personal with Earth-friendly projects making a difference to eco-friendly lodges and hotels based on community outreach. Our experienced local team ensures that your stay will be not only beautiful but beneficial to the preservation of East Africa biodiversity. Participate in ecotourism with different packages for your travel preferences and budget.