Here is a list of frequently asked questions. Have a question not on this list? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

The etymology of the word safari is from the Swahili word “Journey.” Therefore, when you take an African Safari, you experience a journey to Africa sight-seeing and photographing wildlife. Due to Africa’s rich biodiversity, you can learn new insights firsthand of the local culture and encounter African wildlife in their natural habitat. You also gain an intimate insight into animal relationships and ethnic practices of the indigenous peoples of Kenya.


From the grassland air to the cultures rooted in Africa for generations, to the magical sightings of Africa’s re-known big five animals, there is so much to enjoy and explore in the heartland of Kenya! See the wide expanse of plains ecology, unique flora and fauna, spectacular sunrises, and stunning sunsets. For those who enjoy birding, view prolific birdlife with remarkable species of African birds.

Depending on your expectation, type of adventure, and safari you choose, be prepared to leave with an experience and memory etched in your mind. Francesca Marciano, an Italian novelist, and filmmaker once said, “Why is it you can never hope to describe the emotion Africa creates? You are lifted. Out of whatever pit, unbound from whatever tie, released from whatever fear. You are lifted, and you see it all from above.”

Our vision is to offer a worldly encounter for travelers seeking a deeper value and appreciation of our planet. We offer safaris with a different approach from typical touristy safaris. We are geared for a more hands-on and immersive experience with your safari adventure.

Our team remains committed to empowering our clients to travel with a purpose. It is the goal of JM Expeditions to create an awareness and understanding of wildlife conservation during every safari journey. Go beyond the common norm of traveling only for pleasure that benefits companies only for profit. Every visit with us will leave you educated, inspired, and imaginative after experiencing our flora and fauna.

Absolutely! JM Expeditions offer luxury safaris to meet client desires and wants within our consultation time together. We do this by booking 5-star, and 4-star rated luxury accommodations for our clients and ensure the safari is all-inclusive.
Our accommodations vary from economy travel tented camps to luxury hotels, glamping, private houses, and eco-lodges. No matter what your budget or desired adventure, we can accommodate your travel dreams. Furthermore, we ensure quality services, safari accommodations, and products provided by our chosen partners. You will enjoy your experience at every level of travel!
Yes! JM Expeditions offers private guided tours for single travelers. We understand the sensitive nature and the profound feeling that a private safari offers, And we intend to do it your way. Here you hop on your dream safari with just your driver and a jeep to delve you into the heart of Africa’s pristine beauty. On this, we work with you to help tailor a bespoke safari that meets all your needs in the safe care of our experienced guides.
Safety is our priority at JM Expeditions. Age restrictions depend on the activities undertaken in different tourist destinations and expedition experiences. Some accommodations are very keen on age too. Our team offers alternative activities for young ones, older clients, or those with physical disabilities. Reach out to us and let us know your interest. We are happy to advise accordingly.
There is an abundance of phenomenal and stunning National Parks, Game Reserves, and Conservancies in Kenya. Since we are not restricted to one park location for our African Safari tours, we visit different parks for their unique and varying flora and fauna. We are keen to advise our guests based on their expectations and our conviction about leading conservation initiatives. We want our guest’s visit to enhance conservation initiatives. Kenya has a diverse Reserves, Conservancies, National Parks and diverse places to visit.
We are aware that each visitor and family have unique travel needs and expectations. Our duty and responsibility are to listen to you and walk through African Safari options together. In this process, we can create your journey to bespoke safari for you and your family. Please reach out to us, and we will walk through with you through our Contact page.
Yes! We are especially grateful when we have the opportunity to educate and create awareness on wildlife conservation matters. As always, we ensure our clients’ needs are met with your African Safari expedition package.
Our travel specialty is oriented in the African bush country. However, we highly recommend taking a Kenyan city tour after your safari in the wild. This is when our clients get a chance to shop and experience Kenyan culture by dining Kenyan foods or purchasing Kenyan items. Furthermore, there are tourist attractions in Kenyan cities; as JM Expeditions, we are better in the bush than in cities.
Local markets where the community brings their craft and food to sell. Experience village markets, walk among the locals, learn about their daily lives, and purchase their local offerings. Shopping malls where you can find modern amenities and goods. Cultural markets to explore the wide variety of local cultural goods the Kenyan people have to offer.
As JM Expeditions, we appreciate and support local businesses in Kenya by taking our clients to host community residential areas, called ‘bomas’ or Kenyan factories where they purchase locally created goods. We also encourage our guests to buy gifts and souvenirs from community-owned shops to support local families. Furthermore, sometimes we book accommodations at eco-lodges, camps, and bandas that are owned by local host communities, where possible.

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