Indie Creators Expeditions

African Safari for Indie Creators

Whether you are a filmmaker, photographer, writer, or podcaster, we invite you to expand your creative mind into the heart of Kenya to experience our planet and the life it holds without fences or artificial boundaries.

As a creative storyteller, JM Expeditions invites you to create awareness and spread the message of nature and wildlife conservation through your JM Expedition tour.

As you know, through your work, Images and videos help people get in touch and connect with the immediate need to protect our planet and its resources. We love to welcome filmmakers, writers, podcasters, and photographers and have the utmost respect for what you do.

Whether it’s managing your field expectations or providing customized photo and video-friendly vehicles, we are excited to collaborate with others who share our passion for wildlife and nature. We can offer personal guides, help setting up your equipment, and creating safe spaces for shooting.

In addition to our African Safari for Indie Creators, we encourage you to provide a workshop during your visit to share your love and passion with other travelers and indigenous locals.

Photographic workshop and safari adventure