Jemu Expeditions Volunteer Programme

On the conservation and safari adventure of a lifetime!

Our volunteer programme is a great opportunity for anyone seeking a more meaningful travel experience to participate in Kenyan conservation. Volunteering is a unique and rewarding way to discover Kenya and its wildlife, while also helping to preserve our planet.

About the Programme

Our volunteer programmes comply with the standards and set guidelines from our associate partners; In this case The Wildlife Foundation and Olpejeta Conservancy. It is therefore keen to note that rules and regulations subject volunteer guidelines apply. 

Make A Difference​

This conservation-focused journey will open your mind, cultivate compassion and change the way you see wildlife conservation. We look forward to welcoming you to our programme.

“Look deeper into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

— Albert Einstein

James Mwenda

James MWenda is a conservationist, professional safari guide and  the former caretaker of the last Northern White Rhinos on earth at the world renowned Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. James will  co-host  the workshop and provide insight into the world of wildlife conservation in Kenya, and Africa as a whole. This rare opportunity to be guided by James at Ol Pejeta and around Kenya is not to be missed!

Photo courtesy of Kifaru the Film.

Come let's make a difference!

Kenya, with its extraordinarily diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife and snow-capped peaks, is a unique dreamlike destination for wildlife enthusiasts. With more than 8% of its land area formally protected, it is vital for the country’s economy to focus our efforts on protecting endemic and threatened species and on supporting the growing tourism industry.

Our volunteer programme itinerary is a great opportunity for travelers and individuals seeking further to get immersed in various conservation initiatives to help make our planet better and  who are looking for a unique and rewarding way to discover Kenya and its wildlife.

Enroll now for an immersive life changing experience; take a step out of your comfort zone and into the shoes of everyday heroes on the frontlines of conservation to keep our planet and its beautiful creatures alive.

During our volunteer experiences, you will experience Kenya like no one else has before, taking part in many different conservation based projects. You will have the opportunity to contribute to habitat restoration, track wild animals, study their behavior, enjoy close encounters with rhinos and get an unfiltered look into their lives and those of the rangers protecting them, Furthermore you will get immersed in Conservation efforts and programmes that are making huge impacts for local communities by incorporating community-based enterprises that incentivise and empower individuals to protect biodiversity, support traditional ways of life, as well as help build political support for existing protected areas.

At Jemu Expeditions, we know that finding a volunteer programme can be overwhelming: too many options, too expensive, meaningless work etc. Our project partners are renowned for their significant contribution to conservation and will not only ensure that your work is sustainable and meaningful but also that you achieve your own personal goals.

Our partners include ;

The World Renowned Olpejeta Conservancy; 

The only home for the last known Northern White Rhinos, The only place to find Chimpanzees and the largest black rhino sanctuary in East and Central Africa.With over 100 species that call Ol Pejeta home you are guaranteed to spend time with people on the frontlines committed to protecting endangered species, You will walk and learn from rangers who have committed their lives to protecting the wildlife.You will be involved in caring for endangered animals, learn how conservation agriculture works, the procedures of wildlife research and monitoring, and what it takes to run a K-9 anti-poaching unit among others.Participants are also introduced to the communities around the conservancy and their livelihoods. The charm lies in Ol Pejeta’s diversity which grants participants access to all aspects of wildlife management, tourism services, and a pioneering livestock production system.

The Wildlife Foundation;

As Urban development is growing at alarming rates and Land prices soar, the Kitengela landscape south of Nairobi National Park is threatened. As a result, there is an urgent need for stakeholders to come together to save what is left of the Kitengela wildlife dispersal area.In Nairobi National Park, for example, the southern border is unfenced. This allows wildlife to disperse and migrate throughout the Athi Kapiti Plains which threatens biodiversity and leads to human-wildlife conflict such as livestock predation.

Such conflicts lead to community apathy and retaliation, endangering wildlife and the community.These dispersal regions are threatened by infrastructure development, which hinders wildlife movement and shrinks available land.The Naturenoi Conservancy comes in to try and  reverse the negative trends occurring in the area. Community participation is key. The Empakasi community living south of NNP is addressing these issues through the Naretunoi Community Conservancy where wildlife and humans share the land.

Volunteers will participate in : Clean up of Mbagathi River.Removal of invasive species,Lion Lights installation, Community programmes,cultural integrations, amongst others.

This conservation-focused journey will change you into a more compassionate and open minded person and could lead to other amazing opportunities in the future.We look forward to welcoming you to our programme.

Program Duration

Program is open to volunteers all year round. Volunteers can spend from 1 week onwards on the program. However, specialized skills and expertise shall be used accordingly. Participants should have a positive attitude, be ready to adopt and enjoy simple living conditions.We also offer additional  visits to Giraffe Center,Reteti Elephant Sanctuary,Mt Kenya Treks and Game drive Safari in different destinations around Kenya. 

About the Programme

Our volunteer programmes comply with the standards and set guidelines from our associate partners; In this case The Wildlife Foundation and Olpejeta Conservancy. It is therefore keen to note that rules and regulations subject volunteer guidelines apply.

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