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Access to and use of the services of Jemu Mwenda Expeditions,  LLC dba as Jemu Expeditions (“Jemu Expeditions” and/or “our”) and our website is subject to acceptance of these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”). By accessing, using or obtaining any content, products, or services through our offices or through our website, you, the purchaser and/or traveler (“Customer” and “passenger” and “you/your”) agree to be bound by these terms. PLEASE READ THE TERMS BEFORE USING THIS WEBSITE. These terms and conditions govern the relationship between Jemu Mwenda Expeditions and you, the Customer. These terms restrict your rights and remedies and provide protection to Jemu Expeditions. These also include warranty disclaimers and liability exclusions. By using this website you acknowledge and agree (a) this is a fair balance because this website is accessible by you conveniently and at no charge to access the website; and (b) if you do not agree or do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you can choose to not use this website or Jemu Expeditions offices. So, if anything is in these Terms and Conditions, including warranty disclaimers and liability exclusions, that you disagree with or are not willing to be bound by, or if something is missing from these Terms and Conditions that you consider essential, then you must not use this website. IF THERE IS ANY PART OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE OR JEMU MWENDA’S  SERVICES. No alterations to these terms and conditions may be made by any Jemu Mwenda Expeditions  employee, authorized representative or agent, unless in writing by an authorized officer (Director) of Jemu Mwenda Expeditions.


Upon booking a tour with Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd, a 30% deposit is required to secure the tour and begin the necessary booking processes and ground preparations. An invoice will be sent to the client together with the payment instructions.

Final balance payment of the tour booked is required no later than 21 days before the tour starts. Bookings made within 21 days of the tour start date should be paid in full.

All payments made to Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd should be free of bank charges and credit card transaction surcharges. Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd is not responsible for any charges levied or charged by third parties and/or financial institutions and payable by the client as a result of credit card or other payment transactions in connection with the purchase of a tour and will not refund or return any fees charged by such third parties in connection with payments made by clients to Jemu Mwenda Expeditions. 


A booking is confirmed and these Terms and Conditions shall apply when Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd have received the applicable deposit from the client and the client has received written confirmation from Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd of such booking. The client confirming the booking must be 18 years of age and above and agrees to provide full, complete and accurate information as requested by Jemu Mwenda Expeditions  Ltd to confirm the booking. Any client confirming a booking on any tours with more than one client named and booked on such booking represents and warrants to Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd that:

  1. i) They have all requisite consents and authority to make such a booking on behalf of all other clients named on the booking, and have communicated all necessary information to the other clients in order for them to give free and fully informed authorization to do so.
  2. ii) The information that they have provided regarding all clients is complete and accurate, and they have obtained all necessary consents and permissions to share such information with Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd for the purposes of completing the booking.

Should you fail to join a tour or join it after departure or leave prior to its completion, no tour fare refund can be made. (Please note that if the reason for the cancellation falls within the terms of any holiday insurance policy, which you hold, then the insurance company, subject to the terms of your insurance, will normally refund any such charges to you).


Our cancellation charges are determined by the fact that once we have booked with hotels and safari camps/lodges and with local airlines, they will charge us a cancellation fee if we cancel a booking. We try to keep such charges to a minimum.

Additionally a client may cancel their booking by notifying Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd. The applicable cancellation fees shall be determined with reference to the date on which the request to cancel is received by Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd and are expressed hereinafter as a percentage of the total invoice charges.

Up to 60 days before departure       –          25% (Booking Fee) is forfeited 

59 – 35 days before departure         –         50% of safari cost is forfeited

34 – 15 days before departure         –         75% of safari cost is forfeited

14 days or less before departure      –        100% of safari cost is forfeited

Tailor-made tours may be subject to alternative cancellation terms, which will be communicated to applicable clients at the time of booking.

4. Payment terms.

30% to be paid upon booking confirmation 

50% to be paid 60 days prior to departure 

75% to be paid 30 days prior to departure 

100% to be paid 21 days prior to departure

5. Changes, cancellations and refunds

Terms and conditions for booking changes, cancellations and refunds are specific to each Supplier and/or each property that they list. These terms are set out on the payment page if you are using Jemu Expeditions Online Payment System or otherwise will be provided to you by the Supplier.

If you are using Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Online Payment System and you cancel a booking, the deposit portion of the total transaction value is non-refundable. If you have already paid the remaining balance, your right to a refund of that portion will be determined by the cancellation policy of the Supplier.

If you used Jemu Expeditions online Payment System for your booking and you are entitled to a refund under the Supplier’s terms and conditions, the refund will be made through the system to the same credit card that you used to pay for the booking. In other cases, you must make arrangements for payment of any refund to which you are entitled directly with the Supplier.

If the Supplier is unable to fulfill a confirmed accommodation booking (in full or part), they must use their best endeavors to find you alternative accommodation of a similar standard. If the Supplier cannot find suitable accommodation that is acceptable to you, you should contact their Customer Support for further assistance. 


Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd does not provide travel insurance therefore the client must obtain travel insurance from their home country with the minimum recommended medical, evacuation, and repatriation coverage covering all applicable dates of any travel with Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd and this insurance must cover personal injury and emergency medical expenses. It is strongly recommended that clients also extend their coverage to include cancellation and all other expenses that might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, delay or inconvenience occurring to the client. The cost of the tour does not include any insurance coverage for the client, and that the client is required to obtain separate coverage at an additional cost to the tour price. When obtaining travel insurance the client must ensure the insurer is aware of the type of travel to be undertaken so that the insurer may properly cover travel on the applicable tour.

 7. Passport and visas

The onus is on the client to ensure that passport and visas are valid for the countries listed.  The company, its staff, and its agents cannot be held liable for any visas etc. not held by the clients. 


All clients are obligated to truthfully provide requested relevant medical information to Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd upon booking their tour. Clients are responsible for assessing their own suitability and capability to participate in a tour with us. All clients should consult their physician regarding their fitness for taking part in the booked tour. Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd recommends all clients to seek their physician’s advice regarding necessary or advisable vaccinations, medical precautions, or other medical concerns regarding the entirety of the client’s travel with Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd. 

Jemu Mwenda Expeditions  Ltd does not provide medical advice.


In case of any dietary requirements Please alert us in advance,Jemu Mwenda Expeditions  Ltd will strive to accommodate the special requests of clients, including (without limitation) dietary and accommodation requests, but such requests do not form part of these Terms and Conditions or the contract between the client and Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd and Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd is not liable for any failure to accommodate or fulfill such requests.

10. Responsibility

Travel carries some measure of inherent risk including, but not limited to, the hazards of traveling in underdeveloped areas where road conditions and other facilities may be poor or lacking; the forces of nature; and accident or illness in remote regions without means of rapid evacuation. Expedition  tours and Safaris provided by Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd involve visiting remote or less developed regions of Kenya, where medical facilities may not meet the standards of those found in a client’s home country. The condition of medical facilities in these areas varies and Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd makes no representations and gives no warranties in relation to the standard of such facilities or medical treatment in those regions.

 Bookings are accepted on the specific condition that Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd and its teams acts as agents of the passenger hereby also identified as ‘’Client” in all matters relating to hotels, sightseeing tours, restaurants, all forms of transportation and other services which may be included in these tours. Jemu Mwenda Expeditions Ltd may purchase these services from suppliers and other independent contractors, without warranties and representations from them and thus such services are not subject to its control.

11. Governing Law

All terms and conditions of this agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance to the laws of Kenya, and any litigation necessary to resolve disputes between the parties shall be held in the courts located in Kenya where such a dispute can be solved through arbitration.

12. Comments or Questions.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns arising from the website, the privacy policy or any other relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices or the way in which we are handling your personal information please contact us.