The Effect of COVID-19 on the Travel Industry

The Effect of COVID-19 on the Travel Industry

It is evident that the world is getting excited as a result of a post-pandemic scene. COVID-19 has already claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and destroyed the economies of different countries. Also, COVID-19 has negatively affected almost every aspect of business in so many countries, especially the ability to travel.

We are all ready to get back to living our everyday lives again. To be able to mentor and be with our friends and family. Of course, we at Jemu Expeditions are thrilled to offer our safari experience to those ready for travel to start up again!

COVID-19 Vaccine Gives Us the Ability to Travel Again!

I think the coming of the vaccine is a significant relief to so many people, and I’m excited that people will once again be able to travel to the wild. The team at Jemu Expeditions is eager to give you the grand opening of our Jemu Expeditions Kenyan #AfricanSafari

I love to travel and to have the ability to travel across the destinations of my choice! COVID has shown clearly our tourism plays a critical role in the maintenance of ecosystems and ensuring the survival of these natural places and natural resources continues.

We’ve seen our many conservation organizations struggle during the pandemic simply because there was no tourism or no travel. The time is now for travelers to realize how economically crucial their trips are to small countries such as Kenya and why it is vital to support ecologically-friendly destinations of their choice, simply because it is good for the environment.

Support Local African Parks Post COVID-19

I think it’s time the travelers and only the seekers know that taxes you pay at parks, reserves, museums, and national parks, especially in Africa, is crucial to the health and the maintenance of these places and the local economy. As the world continues to open up, I hope that people will help us continue traveling because there’s so much that is out there that is waiting to be unraveled. There are so many beautiful and wild animal sightings to be seen out there on the African grasslands.

Once it is OK and safe to travel, we encourage people to get on, start #adventuring, #trekking #Hiking and #Safaris to ensure their continued support and to fund the existence of our natural resources and our planet.

Post COVID-19 Travel with Jemu Expeditions

#Kenya is one of the top destinations in Africa where so many people will come to enjoy both the wildlife, flora, and fauna, culture, as well as the fantastic views our land has to offer. We are hopeful that once the travel bands from different countries are over, we can welcome people from all over the world, especially here at Jemu Expeditions! We are looking forward to welcoming travelers who want to seek a more intimate aspect of nature and help unravel the beauty that this continent of Africa is precisely what Kenya offers.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you!

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